IT Job Placement Agencies

IT Job Placement Agencies vs. General Temp Agencies: What's the Difference?

If you're looking into IT agencies, you may be wondering how they differ from traditional, general temp agencies. In effect, they work very similarly. An IT placement consultancy is going to connect job seekers with jobs. But there are a few differences.


IT Job Placement Agencies Specialise In IT


While this may be the most obvious difference, it's a very important one. It's difficult for many employers to find well-qualified employees within the IT space. AN IT placement agency is going to have in-depth knowledge of IT, and is going to be able to tell employers the types of employees they need to fill their positions.


Consequently, employees are also going to be able to find positions that wouldn't otherwise be open to them. IT agencies are able to introduce employees that they know are going to be a good cultural fit, rather than just employees that tick the boxes off on the resume.


A major issue with general purpose temp companies is they don't understand technology, and consequently can't properly value an IT employee. They may send an IT employee to positions they don't qualify for, or may not realise that they qualify for great positions.


IT Placement Consultancy Often Leads to Permanent Positions


A general temp agency is often just looking for temporary employees. Some employees want temporary work. Others want something more permanent. While there may be temporary jobs at a recruitment agency, the option is also open for permanent positions. Employees who are looking for permanent, highly paid positions, and areas in which to improve their career, are more likely to find what they want in an IT recruitment agency.


In general, the reason IT job placement is different is because it involves higher value, higher skilled applicants, and higher value, higher paid positions. There is a vested interest in making sure the relationship between employee and employer is a healthy one. If you're looking for IT recruitment in Warrington, UK, contact us for an interview.